• First Step Series

    In recognition of the importance of small business to a strong economy, the National Business Association developed the First Step Review to help meet the informational needs of existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

    The FIRST STEP SOFTWARE SERIES was developed by the NBA in 1989 by
    R. Jerry Adams, PH.D, in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Each piece in the series was written to conform to SBA specifications and designed to make the loan process easy to understand.

    First Step Review – An orientation to the SBA- Guaranteed-Loan program and assistance in determining likelihood of receiving a loan backed by the SBA. The Review is a screening tool that helps smaller businesses determine the likelihood of Qualifying for a SBA guaranteed loan.

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    First Step Cash Flow Analysis - spreadsheet shows how money will come in and go out of your business.

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    First Step Projected Profit & Loss Statement – An exact duplicate of the SBA Operating Plan Forecast form used by the SBA.

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    First Step Balance Sheet - shows the balances?of assets, liabilities and owner's equity on a particular day.

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